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How Moviestarplanet Cheats Help Being Famous In Game

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How To Act Famous In MovieStarPlanet By using moviestarplanet cheats

Playing a game easy but being popular is so hard. MovieStarPlanet is a game in which you can be popular. Moviestarplanet is also known by its short name MSP. The reason of being popular of this game is its MMO feature. MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online game. This means you are not playing the game with CPU. Every person in this game is a real person. Well, the good thing is you can win from them and be famous. MSP is not just a game. This is a platform like social networking sites. Here, you have to earn starcoins and spend them on yourself to look good and being famous. Starcoins is the main currency of this game. You can also use some useful moviestarplanet cheats to get them. There is one currency for this game is the diamond but they don’t work everywhere. You can’t buy things with them but you can win starcoins using them for spinning wheel. There are two types of wheel, one is the silver wheel with a less rewarding amount and everyone can spin it but you can’t spin golden wheel without buying a VIP membership. This is what game is but if you have trouble with being famous then we have some tips which you can use for being famous.

Moviestarplanet hack – How To Be Kind To People

  1. Be genuine to people by showing some respect and having some attitude in you. Most of the people on this game are mean and they just care about their own. Obviously, they are not going to be famous as much as they want. This is fine if you want to look good and don’t care about that what people will say about you. Keep a unique style and follow others style. You need starcoins to buy the gears for looking good and good looking personalities become famous too easily.
  2. Always wear dresses with some dressing sense. If you are wearing anything without matching then you are going to look bad. Most of the time, black color dresses suit more. You have your own creativity for being dressed well.
  3. If you are done with shopping then you have to go for beauty clinic. Apply lipstick of light pink or glowing red color. Do not use Big and Bold colors because most of the people don’t like these colors and this will decrease your fame. Always try natural colors like red, pink or light orange. And if you want to use neon color then don’t use them without matching them with your clothes.
  4. Make a movie and try to make this movie funny and a short. Try to have a good story and then go to the chat room for its promotions. You will get hundred of views as much as you will tell to people about your movie. You need to keep some patience and try your luck.

Moreover, you have much more things that you can try like MovieStarPlanet cheats. Keep on playing and don’t give up. Surely, you will be in top movie makers.

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